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I ran across a site that would be a good place to advertise your business for free. Its a site that allows to add your advertisement to the site free. This I think can be effective if your advertising something that someone who posts ads would want. It would work perfect. For instance I have my site

great tool to add to your site to increase your traffic. Well I have posted there because I know people posting on a site like that are looking to increase there traffic free. Why because thats the reason they are their posting there ad. In order for them to post a ad they have to look at another members site and it rotates great system! The site is

This site may only get you 50 or so extra hits but it should add to your link populairtiy too! Which is very big for search engines! I would love to increase my link popularity by adding my ad to sites like this. If you know of some other good sites please tell us about them. This forum is for everyone to discuss some great advertising ideas. Its been a pleasure giving you this information please visit my site at the bottom of this post. Give it a shot it will increase your traffic. I actually get traffic to my blog from this tool you may notice the tool at the bottom of the site. Its a great tool to have I wouldnt market without it.

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Can Blogging Bring you Traffic?

I read a article on another blog of guy by the name of David Edelman he has been blogging for a year to promote his new book. After blogging for a year with 83 posts he has around 45,000 visitors a month! Thats alot of traffic this was good news! I loved the fact I found someone thats getting that much traffic from writing in a blog. if you wrote 2 articles a day for 40 days you could have 80 posts. Thats attainable it doesnt have to take a year or so to do that. I would love to have that many visitors a month. It would help promote my business which is a free tool webmasters or bloggers can add to their website that generates referrals to your articles or products. I love this tool so much I have added it to the bottom of this blog. It flat out works I get referrals from emails this way. I check my stats and I get plenty of referrals this way. Best of all the traffic didnt cost me a penny. I love it! If you want to check out Davids Blogpost goto see the stats on there. The guy sounds like a average every day guy that was skeptical about starting a blog now hes getting loads of traffic. I have to say its quite an accomplishment. I hope that I can have those kinds of results some day. Im new to blogging but have to say its great and addicting. I been blogging for about 2 days I will constantly write articles about the traffic ill be getting from writing these blogs to keep you posted. So you can see how great blogging can be!!!

Robby Keller
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Free advertising on the internet

Is it possible to make money advertising on the internet? Sure it is write content write, write, and write some more. I was paying all kinds of money for traffic using pay per click search engines. Its alot easier to just write content to make money especially when its free. If you wrote 2 articles a day for 30 on your site you would have 60 articles. If your in the search engine it would be virtually impossible for you not to get traffic. It has to be your content though. Dont copy someone elses. Theres articles sites out there that give free articles. Well if 1,000 people grap that same article and put it on their site. Why do you think people searching for similiar content would find yours first. They wouldnt write content every chance you get. You will eventually get better at and develop better ideas constantly. Think over time if you had 2,000 articles on a blog. You would proably generate hundereds of hits a day. Try it as just a fun hobby and watch your trafic grow. It will be slow at first but after 2 weeks of writing unique articles watch your traffic explode. Once you see the first hits you will get addited. I use extreme tracking and hittail to track my hits. And what they search for to find me a great tool. If you someone searched to find your site for the term "free advertising on the internet" write a article about that so your hits will expand and youll proably get higher ranks for that keyword because its more info about that search.

Hope this works for you!
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